Terrific Tuesday

Well maybe not so much…kind of sad that Italy lost today. Although I must say yesterday was a happy day for us with the Mexico victory. I guess you can’t win them all.

I started my first organization task. I decided to start small and focused on our shower. Below is the before picture. As you can tell I had way too many products for just my husband and me. We ended up throwing away 9 full size bottles, 4 small bottles, 3 razors, 2 body scrubs, and one ugly looking sponge.



After dinner we made a quick stop at Wal-mart to pick up a new sponge for hubby.  His looked a little worse for wear. I also purchased some Pure Ice nail polish so that I could earn my first brand badge on Influenster! Below is the picture of the shower after the purge of old and empty/barely there product. How did we not throw that stuff out sooner?


As you can tell by the picture I don’t have any caddies or baskets, I think they would get mildew…yucky! I must say I think this was a good baby step. I’m tackling the Formal Dining room next since we are hosting on Sunday. We are all excited about the Mexico game. My Dad is from Guadalajara and my mom was born in Mexico City (she’s full blooded Italian, thus my disappointment today). We live in South Texas and the fans were going bonkers yesterday! Great enthusiasm for the sport here!

I had most of the post ready this afternoon but it took me a bit longer to post due to my Birchbox delivery (Yay! I’ll attempt to try all samples by tomorrow and post that review).  I am also an independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts and had to deliver some items to the latest hostess.

I took a quick peek at the new book releases on Maryse’s blog and had to SQUEE! Great additions to my first book posts seem inevitable.  Please let me know if you have any feedback.