CycleBox June/July 2014 Review


I purchased this box for my hubby after lots of searching. This box is sold by Runnerbox and I was glad to find this one for Mike. The box cost $19.95 + $6.95  s&h and arrived 6 days after they charged my account. I was surprised when I saw it in my mailbox, they ship via USPS priority without tracking information. I had to wait for Mike to finish his evening ride and then we dug in.




The first item in the box is peeking underneath the green tissue paper, a Runnerbox microfiber towel. The price on the information card says ~$5.



Generation UCAN tropical orange: powder drink that claims to sustain energy and optimize performance. Mike said he’d give it a try on a long ride. ~$3.25

Mud Energy Gel: this gel has 12g of protein and electrolytes in a chocolate flavor. Mike was excited with this one, he uses energy gels often. They include a 30% code for future orders. ~$3.35

Pure Clean Powder: this product claims to boost performance. It is a pure beet powder that can be mixed with water, juices, or in smoothies. A little worried since it can lower blood pressure…this one will be researched further before it’s used. ~$1.50



WIN Detergent: a sports detergent that helps get rid of sweaty smells and is safe for performance fabrics. I may order this after we try it out, his cycling gear is always air dried and extra care is great for his expensive clothing. ~$1.00

Veggie-Go’s Chewy Fruit & Veggie Snack: this is a Carrot, Apple, Ginger flavor low calorie snack. I was going to take it and Mike said it was his box…LOL! Coupon code for this so if it’s good we can order some more and try other flavors. ~$1.40

Aardvark Ankle Biters: Mike was the most excited about this item. He has wanted to commute to work on Fridays since we work half days for the Summer. It holds your pants to protect from chains and at night works for visibility. ~$3.00

Grease Monkey Wipes: I thought these were neat since Mike has been known to have a greasy chain mark or hands every now and then. Going in with his cycling items ASAP. ~$0.40


The next items are great for Mike to try out and add to his snacks on long endurance rides. Protein and energy items are always needed.

PureFit Premium Protein Bar: this bar has 18g of protein in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and it says it doesn’t melt. Great promo code included as well. ~$2.00

Fuel 100 Salty Vanilla Electro-Bites: this one feels like crunchy bites in the packet. They dissolve easily for quick absorption and have 100 calories. Yeah another coupon code. ~$1.00

Honey Stinger Waffle: he’s tried this brand before and finds them at Academy or HEB. He hasn’t tried the waffle though, another one for his ride snack bin. ~$1.50

Lenny & Larry’s FIT Protein Brownie: in Peanut Butter Crunch (I wanted to try this one…mmmm) it has 13g protein, 7g fiber, and it’s non-GMO. Coupon code for will be checking out the products! ~$2.00

EBOOST: a pink lemonade energy powder with only 10 calories. He didn’t seem as excited about this one but he said he’d try it out. ~$1.50


I really enjoyed finding some brands Mike hasn’t tried yet.  I tend to pick up random samples for him to try and this is a great way for him to discover new items. The value was about the same as the cost of the box and shipping. I will continue this subscription since it’s more about him trying new things than a great deal. The coupon codes included for 7 out of 13 items in the box were a great bonus. There were also two additional coupons for matcha green tea and free gum. The gum was $4.99 for shipping so we will not order that though. Definitely a great gift idea for any runner, cyclist, or triathlete.



June 2014 Birchbox + Coupon Codes

I received my June Birchbox on Tuesday and was super excited. It took exactly 10 days to receive my first box!!! Unfortunately, some of the items in the box needed to be reviewed the next day. Plus I had a lot of tasks to complete at work before the long week off for the fourth. I must say that at first I was a little confused that my box looked nothing like the cute Birchboxes I see on other blogs.

 Photo Jun 24, 6 10 13 PM

After I carefully opened the box…I found a beautiful pink Birchbox.

Photo Jun 24, 6 13 50 PM

Opening the orange tissue paper was like Christmas or my birthday for sure. The theme for this month is perfect, we have a great weekend planned to Fredericksburg next week.  Below is the first shot of my box…I actually freaked Sesi out with all the talking to myself I’m sure.

Photo Jun 24, 6 15 41 PM

Photo Jun 24, 6 16 41 PM

The first item in the box was a bottle of Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo ($24 full size).  The packaging is super duper cute.  I used this on Wednesday morning and found that the smell was not quite what I was expecting.  It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just a fragrance that I’m not a fan of I guess.  It did a great job on my hair although at first I thought it wasn’t working.  A sign that I’ve been using the same shampoo for a little too long.  Along with the shampoo they included foil packets of the Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner ($24 full size) and Oi All in One Milk ($25 full size).  The package was a little meh, especially in comparison to the shampoo.  But the products themselves were pretty great.  The conditioner actually left my hair really silky and smooth, helped me overlook that fragrance that I didn’t quite like.  After towel drying my hair I used the Oi and it was divine.  I could actually feel the difference in my hair.  Really liked the products together, glad they included them all.

Photo Jun 24, 6 23 35 PM

The next product was not a favorite at all.  Definitely will gift the Prince Harvey Hello perfume ($55 full size).  They included a sample of this perfume which was too floral for me.  I did receive lots of compliments when we went out to dinner.  My sensitive allergies just cannot take the scent though.

Photo Jun 24, 6 19 30 PM

The fourth product included in my box was the Egyptian Magic All purpose Skin Cream ($26 for 2oz and $38 for 4 oz).  This product is definitely going to be used by Mike.  At first I thought it was a bit greasy for me, but after a little online research I found that it’s great for skin problems like Psoriasis.  He has been using it for the past couple of days and I can see some difference.  If we see significant improvement this will be a full size purchase for sure.

Photo Jun 24, 6 18 09 PMThe next two products are my absolute favorites for me and I was a little skeptical of one of these.  The first was the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser ($32.95 for full size).  Absolutely loved the feel and smell of this product! At work they asked me what I did differently that morning because I had a certain glow.  I may have to invest in some of this when I run out of my current product.

Photo Jun 24, 6 21 29 PM

The last item was a LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Coral ($18) and we received a full size item!!!  I was a little hesitant about the color, I would not choose a coral for myself.  I tried it on and found that it was super smooth and minty. Plus the color was not orangey at all, it’s been used for the past three days and will continue to use it.

With my first box I had also received a Cynthia Rowley Lip tint in Sugar.  The color was great but I didn’t care for the product itself.  It felt odd and the product fragrance wasn’t great.  I was happy to be able to try it out for free.

The June box was a great value for me with a total of $30.40 for a $10 cost and 10 birchbox points, it really cost $9.  This month they have a great code for 100 birchbox points if you sign up using code BBJETBLUE.  The hundred points are equal to $10 of product, it’s like getting the box for free!!  Sign up soon so that the box can ship out by July 5th!  Please use my link if you would like to sign up to Birchbox.


Terrific Tuesday

Well maybe not so much…kind of sad that Italy lost today. Although I must say yesterday was a happy day for us with the Mexico victory. I guess you can’t win them all.

I started my first organization task. I decided to start small and focused on our shower. Below is the before picture. As you can tell I had way too many products for just my husband and me. We ended up throwing away 9 full size bottles, 4 small bottles, 3 razors, 2 body scrubs, and one ugly looking sponge.



After dinner we made a quick stop at Wal-mart to pick up a new sponge for hubby.  His looked a little worse for wear. I also purchased some Pure Ice nail polish so that I could earn my first brand badge on Influenster! Below is the picture of the shower after the purge of old and empty/barely there product. How did we not throw that stuff out sooner?


As you can tell by the picture I don’t have any caddies or baskets, I think they would get mildew…yucky! I must say I think this was a good baby step. I’m tackling the Formal Dining room next since we are hosting on Sunday. We are all excited about the Mexico game. My Dad is from Guadalajara and my mom was born in Mexico City (she’s full blooded Italian, thus my disappointment today). We live in South Texas and the fans were going bonkers yesterday! Great enthusiasm for the sport here!

I had most of the post ready this afternoon but it took me a bit longer to post due to my Birchbox delivery (Yay! I’ll attempt to try all samples by tomorrow and post that review).  I am also an independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts and had to deliver some items to the latest hostess.

I took a quick peek at the new book releases on Maryse’s blog and had to SQUEE! Great additions to my first book posts seem inevitable.  Please let me know if you have any feedback.



My new endeavor…

So as you can tell by the title I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  It seems ironic that I’m so disorganized when I have that type of personality. {Sigh} Yet, that is the reality for me.  I think it stems from my frustration with the lack of perfection when I try to organize my life.  This blog will be my motivating factor in organizing my home.  I will post before and after pictures of different areas as they are completed.  I just seem to have all these little clutter spots throughout the house and I need some real goals.  As a perfectionist goals lead to success, so that is the plan.

I will try to post at least three times a week:

  1. One weekly post will feature the organization task of the week.
  2. The second post will be dedicated to my weekly reading.  I do a great job keeping track of my books through spreadsheets and my ibooks app and several friends ask me for my latest recommendations.  I hope this post will help anyone else looking for what books to read.
  3. My subscription boxes or samples received.  I have gotten on a roll wanting to try new and interesting products.  We shall see if this is a topic of interest and modify if needed.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of growth and day to day living in my busy life.